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An addictive number puzzle for fans of the genre

MATHRIS - 2048 Bricks is a fun entertainment for lovers of puzzle games who have enjoyed Tetris and 2048 in the past.

How does this game work? Swipe left and right to move the dropping tiles and try to merge two tiles of the same number together in order to obtain another one with the sum of the two.

As time goes by, you will need to think carefully about your next moves, otherwise the board might flood and the game will end abruptly. How long will you last? Will you beat your previous high scores?

The gameplay is actually pretty challenging and will keep you addicted and frustrated for several minutes, which is everything you can expect from a puzzle.

VietMobs is the developer of MathrisMATHRIS - 2048 Bricks , a decent entertainment for all ages, a game which also helps you think faster and use your reflexes properly.

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